a quandary

Jamie was in a quandary of sorts. Wasn't sure how to bring it up to Colin who was absolutely becoming common these days. A real businessman, he supposed and a right good husband, too. It was all sorting to let Jamie see him in a new light which made it all the more difficult to get his advice.

"I'm not sure how I like being at the boarding house and all," Jamie told him over a drink at the Black Cat.

"But you said you loved having your own place," Colin remembered.

"I changed my mind." He was sullen about it as he nursed his lager.

"Met someone, have you?" Colin guessed.

Jamie so wanted to bite his tongue as he held up two fingers.

"Two?" Colin had a good laugh then. "Always knew you were a mover and a shaker, brother." Colin then teased.

"So how do you feel about threesomes."

"What?" Colin could barely hold it in. "You have to be kidding, you are? Aren't you?"

"Well, that's what it is." Jamie shrugged. He looked up at Colin blankly.

"It has its moments, but it could all end so tragic, don't you think?" Colin winced. "A one off is one thing, but a life like that? Is it possible? You think?"

"I dunno." Jamie sighed. "I like having Jeremy to myself. I really do, but then its been fantastic with Zoe, too."

"No need to tell me more." Colin cleared his throat and went to take more orders to fill. "You sure its just not lust you're all wrapped up in, is it? Do you really love, either of them? Really?"

Jamie just glared at him. Why did his dear brother have to throw in that word? It was too much to absorb at once.


sid and violet said...

OH..Jamie..hopefully, Colin can shed a little light on the subject.

Anonymous said...

I think he should listen to Colin.

cait said...

I'm really hoping Jamie has second thoughts about this.

sid and violet said...

Well..I guess it was good for Jamie to get it out in the open..at least.