quite miserable

Simon wasn't so keen on Amy popping around.

"Its not like she's moving in or anything." Josh shrugged. "She has a right to see her kid, you know."

"Of course," Simon rolled her eyes. "Are we a hundred percent sure she's on the up and up. She wouldn't just try to take Leia, would she?"

"I doubt it." Josh told him as they were at work and really neither had time to dwell on Amy's whereabouts.

"Well, there will be one of us who will be around when she stops by, right?" Simon tried to focus on the positive about this. It would be all sort of normal. He guessed. He hoped. "She's still with those people who took her in before?"

"I guess."

"I hope they come along to look after her. I don't think she can be on her own, you know. Not even for a bus trip." Simon was dreading this minute by minute.

"She just called to say she was coming."

"And yet so vague." Simon sighed wishing he could stop talking about Amy. Even thinking it. Of course, he could be thinking about Kelsy and that gave him a headache too.


Anonymous said...

okay first off thanks, that was a really good poem:) I loved it! Now back to the story, ooo looks interesting

Winnie said...

I'm looking forward to reading what happens when Amy finally arrives.

ellie said...

Oh poor Simon. And to think he never thought he'd ever have to worry about women.

Cait said...

Simon is protective of Leia.