sooner or later

"So what are you up too?" Amy questioned Alfie first thing when he took her call.

"Not a lot." He sighed, trying to force a smile on his face because he knew she'd tell right away that he wasn't happy to hear from her if he didn't. "Hanging out with Ian, and you?"

"Online mostly."


"Yeah, shopping, of course." She giggled then.

"Of course," Alfie sighed. "So are you coming down to the opening of the Underground?" Perhaps then they could have that long talk he was after that Ian had mentioned.

"Maybe." There was laughter in her voice. "If you want me too."

"Of course, I want you." He had to force himself to say it. He gritted a smile then.

"Good," Amy said. "I'd love too."

"I can hardly wait." Alfie sounded quite silly saying it.

"I love you," Amy then said which took Alfie completely by surprise.

"Uh, yeah, sure, luv ya." He hung up quickly. He slid his cell in his jean pocket. He was in the state of shock. What had he done? He was afraid he might shit himself if he sat too long.


Cait said...


loved the last line.

e.l. said...

Yeah..that was a funny last line..guess he wasn't expecting that.

dapper kid said...

Yikes, lol, rather unexpected! It's a shame that Alfie has to pretend to be happy when talking to her here.

friend stories said...

Interesting blog, thanks for checking out mine.

Anonymous said...

Haha, shopping of course!

taffy. said...

last line was epic.
oh no, amy.