a spell about

Colin did his best to smile. He wanted to understand Kelsy. What she meant.

"Of course, I love you." He was sincere about that. "But-" He shouldn't talk about who she saw or what she saw, but it was bugging him. He wanted to know. He could hardly stand it.

But what was he suppose to do?

He had a child he didn't know about. Katy had hid it from him. How could she? He felt himself pacing inside, and yet he knew he was right there with Kelsy, and he couldn't let it show. He felt faint.

Colin caught his breath. He hugged Kelsy then and felt himself weeping.

"Are you all right?" Kelsy thought they should sit down. Perhaps enjoy the sundown. "Do you want to see your brother?"

"My brother? Why on earth for?" What did he have to do with this, Colin wondered.

"You might feel better about things." She nodded. "He could help you."

"About what?"

"I dunno." She shrugged. "But he would know."

Colin studied Kelsy's face. It was as if someone had put a spell on her. She didn't seem quite her cranky self. Actually. Not the Kelsy he knew. What had Jamie done to her?


ellie said...

I like Colin's thinking. & I feel a little bad for him too.

Anonymous said...

Last paragraph, mysterious...

past the point said...

I'm wondering if Colin is catching on?

blue hearts said...

I wonder how Colin is going to handle it. Knowing that Katy has a baby.