this is the moment

Cecil didn't need this now. He wasn't sure what his aunt expected out of him. Dumping Gemma on him like this. She wasn't much younger than Kelsy. Really, she was an awful lot like her, decked out in her shorty cuttoffs with black nylons underneath slit with ominous holes, with her pale skin showing through. She lived in her Levi jacket with a silky black corset underneath. Perhaps her pimp would find her any moment now. Well, Cecil was beginning to wonder.

"What is it with you girls?" Cecil just stared at his cousin. He couldn't remember the last time he'd seen her. "At least, you're not pregnant? Right?"

Gemma rolled her eyes at that as she crossed her arms.

"Really, I don't need this," Cecil scowled. "I find the love of my life and the she-devil arrives on my doorstep."

"I've never been in the slammer." Gemma reminded him.

"Not yet, anyway, but they might put me in if I have to keep up with the likes of you," Cecil snarled back.

"Nobody understands me." She shrugged.

"You get bad grades. You go off to the city any chance you get with anyone who'll have you. What do you have to show for it, Gemma?" Cecil glared at her, thinking he had so much to get done with the band and at the Black Cat.

"I'm just networking." Gemma looked at him, innocently.

"Networking?" How questionable, Cecil thought.

Just then Lauren walked into his office.

"Do you know we don't even have a name for the band?" Lauren looked at him crossly.

"Kelsy and the boys." Wasn't that settled?

"Have you forgotten there is no Kelsy?" Lauren told him. "And we need a driver for the bus, Cece?" Lauren looked at Gemma then. "Who's she?"

"Just my coussy." He looked over at Gemma.

"If I were you, why not the Underground Kids. Something edgy, you know." She slyly squinted.

"Edgy? Underground Kids?" Lauren smiled. "I like it. I do." She looked back at Cecil. "Could she drive the bus?" She looked back at Gemma then. "You do drive, don't you?"

"I've had my share of race cars," She smirked checking out her black finger nails then.

"Race cars." Lauren nodded. "See, we need her, Cece."

Cecil looked at Gemma then Lauren. "Sure, why not."


elliestories said...

Gemma sounds a bit like Kelsy. I like the Underground Kids.

Anonymous said...

Underground kids, sounds cool. Excited to read more about Gemma.

friend stories said...

Oh this sounds interesting, thanks for stopping by.

Cait said...

Gemma looks like she might be in Kelsy's footsteps.

sid and violet said...

I like gemma.

e.l. said...

Oh..Cecil..love his thoughts..what a cousin.

past the point said...

she seems rather cool.