Definitely, Maxie was the last thing Ian expected to show up at his place.

"Did you need something?" Ian wasn't sure to ask Maxie to sit down or not. They were alone. Perhaps it was best to get down to the pub for a drink. Ian couldn't think that he had anything of his.

Only Maxie didn't waste another moment. He kissed Ian immediately. The door had barely shut and they were in a lip-lock. Ian barely caught his breath.

"What has gotten in to you?" Except Ian wasn't pushing him away. It felt right, didn't it?

Ian kissed him back. It was the best thing to happen to him in ages. His fingers pushed through Maxie's hair as they continued to French so slowly yet beautifully as if they had so much catching up to do in their twisting and turning that finally landed them in Ian's room.

Quickly, Maxie pulled Ian's T over his head. He tugged off Maxie's as well. There was no time to think it through as they found each other in the afternoon light.

Ian was so glad that Maxie had missed him. He wasn't going to bring up any reasons on why he shouldn't have dropped in. There was just too much energy between them to even think, just do. Just ride this out as it came. But as it was almost over and wanted to begin again, Ian heard Alfie knock at his bedroom door.


ellie said...

definitely some suspense there. gotta wonder who wants to be with who more.

Anonymous said...

Ooooo I wonder what Alfie wants.

simon n josh said...

Well, it is complicated. I kind of want them together..and I kind of don't.

Anonymous said...

yeah actually sisterhood of the traveling pants is kinda based after it. I like friendship stories.