what's the point

"Really, how could you, Newt?" Billy didn't like the idea that Newt told Alfie to keep seeing Amy.
"It felt like the right thing to do." Newt squinted. "Lets not get in a row about it." He went to check on dinner. "You have to keep it down, Liam's asleep."

"Newt, you just found your brother." Billy fretted with his arms crossed.

"He found me."

"Whatever." Billy rolled his eyes. "You can't just treat him like shit, you know."

"I'm not." Newt begger to differ. "I'm civil."

"Oh, really?" Billy sighed. "As long as you can get him to jump hoops for you as far as Amy is concerned."

"Look, she's not exactly speaking to me." Newt stirred the pot of stew. "And, and this might be the only way I know where she is. She likes him. Hell, she's in love with him. And he'd still be in something with her if-if he hadn't figured out all her lies."

"But he knows she's rather pathetic." Billy frowned. "Nothing good can come of it, you know."

"We don't know that. " Newt swelled a frown. "Its good he knows her through and through before he gets anymore involved with her. Don't you think?"

"I suppose." Billy gave Newt a hard glare.

Newt checked his watch. Liam was sleeping soundly. Leia was off with Simon and Josh at the park. Newt cut the heat off the stew. "We've got twenty minutes before anyone gets home. Wouldn't you like to make the best of it?" Newt smirked.

"No, you've put me in a bad mood."

"Oh, shut it." Newt told him. "I have not." He took Billy's hand. He kissed Billy's cheek. His forehead and then went for his lips. Billy didn't resist after the very long kiss.

"I suppose we could make the best of it." They hurried to their room then.


Anonymous said...

Haha, looks like they are having fun.

Anonymous said...

check it out please:)


e.l. said...

I really liked this scene. Its good to see them together.

past the point said...

They do have some good lines.

Cait said...

Their tiff made me smile. I love them.