at the end of the night

"I have to go." Newt got the call from Rhys. Sasha was having labor pains.

"It might be nothing." Billy shrugged.

"And it might not." Newt's eyes lit. "I can't leave the kiddies alone. You wouldn't, would you?" He wasn't sure he liked Billy's attitude. He didn't wait for an answer.

"No, of course, not, its just babies take their sweet time coming, Newt." Billy winced from behind the bar.

Newt was off. The streets were desolate now as he sped into the dark on foot. It felt good to be in the coolness of spring as it rose from the ground. The summer heat was nestling in the form of humidity above his head.

In just a few minutes he was there, out of breath.

"Am I too late?" Newt could barely talk. He was expecting the worst. "You know Amy had Leia in the kitchen when she was born."

"Its just a pain here and there." Rhys assured him who seemed all relaxed. Sasha was sitting there on the couch as if she was getting ready for a marathon of Hex that was on the tele.

"Well, go!" Newt heaved. "Did you call a taxi?"

"Not yet."

"Uh!" What was the matter with Rhys? Newt reached for his cell.

There was anguish on Sasha's face again.

"How far apart are they?"

"A few minutes." Rhys sighed.

"A few minutes?" Newt yelped.

"I don't know if I want to have the baby right now." Sasha managed to say. "I called Jamie. He's on his way."

"Jamie?" Newt looked at Rhys then Sasha.

"We can't go anywhere until Jamie gets here." Rhys told him.

"And you're all right with that?" Newt wasn't sure if he understood.

"I guess. I have to be." Rhys pulled his fingers through his hair as he watched Sasha.

"Is he even a doctor?" Newt had not heard of it. After all, Jamie shelved books at the library.

"She has high regards for him." Rhys nodded without explanation.

Evidently, this was for some sort of spiritual support, thought Newt as he stood around wondering what he should do. Make tea?


past the point said...

That was funny that last paragraph..make tea????

Anonymous said...

Haha that was funny, the end.

past the point said...

cool that you mentioned HEX. I miss that show so much..is this perhaps something subliminal about Jamie being a warlock..perhaps..just guessing.

Hopefully, Newt won't be on the outs with Billy.

Winnie said...

Ah that's so sweet! I like that he wants to help but doesn't know what to do....

Cait said...

Sasha seems calm..though. Which is good.