bringing it back

Really, it felt good to be friends again. Ian thought perhaps the fair grounds had helped break the ice between he and Gemma.

"At least we didn't throw up on each other." He told her after their walk about on the rides.

"Thankfully." She smiled about that.

Really, he didn't know what changed. He was done fighting with her. She had a beat to her own drummer. And it was good to get along. Catch up, he supposed. Though, it was general stuff. Nothing specific. Perhaps it was best to keep it that way. He didn't have to know everything. She didn't have to know everything about him. And still they could manage to get through this. Forget the past.

"This is like a do over." She understood completely. He supposed maybe it was.

But then everything changed when they met Shou.

He had a band too. They were into electronic stuff. Ian didn't think he'd find anyone new. And there he was. Of course, he wasn't the only one who found Shou amazing. Ian could see Gemma had her eye on him.

And perhaps what bothered Ian the most was the fact that he liked him too. Ian just wasn't sure how to handle it. Or the idea she probably had a better chance with him than him. Ian would just have to deal with it. Only he wasn't sure how.

"You will come and hang out," Shou was happy with the idea that he could find someone to help him with his music.

Ian didn't see anything wrong with that.

"Then we could party." Shou suggested with a smile.

"I'm fine with the hanging out." Ian was cool with just the music. Really, partying might be a bad idea.

"If you say so." Shou shrugged it off a little sleepy eyed.

Ian was pretty sure Shou meant business. Music. So he hung out with him. Just acoustic stuff. Shou surprised him with all the blues notes he knew. Besides they were outdoors. Off in the woods. Making their own camp, kind of. Just being a part of nature. It was quaint. And it was then that Ian thought of kissing him. He loved to watch Shou's lips. So pouty and somber. Splendidly, sexy. And yet Ian felt a part of himself feel as if he were under a sheet of ice. He didn't want to chance it. He couldn't.

"You should really come to the party," Shou said.

"No, I couldn't." He felt more sad thinking he'd ruin it. He always had a way of ruining things. Perhaps it was best this way. "I'm lousy with party stuff. But I know some one who loves them. She loves a good party."

"She a band mate?" Shou looked at him.

Ian shook his head, no. "Um, no, she drives the bus." Even though he hadn't actually let her yet. "I don't think she's had much fun."

"Fun, huh?" Shou just smiled as if he knew of it. "Then she should come. You should bring her."

"I dunno." Ian shook his head. It was probably best he stayed out of it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh interesting, thanks. I hope you feel better, .

ellie said...

He's adorabale! This should be fun.

simon n josh said...

Its good to hear from you em! & Thanks Ellie..remember Death Note????Hehehehe..you know how much we love enjoy watching him eat things. Doesn't he make you think of Joseph Gordon Levitts in that pic...Must be..they both have sexy lips..hahahaaa.

cait said...

I find him quite sexy!