could it be

Naturally, Amy wouldn't pay Billy any mind as he passed right by her. Really, he was totally disgusting. How could she ever have thought he was haute at one time. Funny, how something had exited her then now felt rather pointless even if she had had his child.

Leia on the other hand had kissed her Daddy and hugged him tight before he left. Amy hated to see it. Really, she'd never been all that determined that her child would be that close to her father. But there was nothing she could do about it now.

"I like us being sisters," she then told Leia very playfully.

"But I don't have a sister, just you, Mummy, and my brother, Liam." Leia gave her her smile right back.

Amy lost hers completely then as she looked up to see Newt with the baby.

"I guess you must be ready for the big night," Newt was cheerful and the baby sucked on his pinkie as if Newt was a part of him.

"Could be." She nodded wishing he hadn't spoken to her, but she couldn't stop thinking about Alfie as she stared at Newt now.

"Remember, we're brothers." Newt informed her. "And you better come clean with him about what matters or you're just a waste of his time."

She felt woozy now, just thinking what he'd said. It was a shock that stung her heart. Was that what Alfie had wanted to talk about?

"You're a liar." She said coldly.

"Me?" Newt chuckled. "Come on, Ames, take a load off, you look a tad pale there, you feel'n well?"

She nodded and sat on the couch, letting Leia crawl all over her.

"Leia, you be careful, please." Newt told Leia who just couldn't seem to keep her fingers out of Amy's hair.

"But her hair is so lovely." Leia told him. "No one ever lets me touch it."

"Is it all right if she combs it, Ames?" Newt looked at her.

Amy just nodded.

Leia went to her room then.

"I hope you know what you're in for." Newt sighed. "Good thing its short now." He went to get Liam a bottle then while Leia brought out all sorts of goodies to put in Amy's hair.

Amy bit her upper lip wondering what she was getting into. At least Leia wasn't pulling at her hair too hard.

"Careful. With ease now." Newt coaxed Leia. "You don't want to hurt, Mummy."

"I wouldn't hurt Mummy." Leia was a little cross. She banged the brush into her hair then. The pricks of the brush tingled against her scalp. It made Amy shiver.

"Sorry." Newt winced. "That had to hurt."

Amy grimaced.

"I think she's had enough, you can do mine now." He told Leia.

"I do yours all the time." Leia was in a huff. She went to her room then.

"Look, I do want things to work out with you and Alfie. It could really be something beautiful," Newt then said to Amy. "But its up to you. You've got to tell him everything." He got up then. "I really need to check on Leia, I'd hate for her to be mad at me for not letting her spend time with you."

He left then.

Amy felt herself choking up with tears. She didn't like it this way. She knew how it could be. Newt could be with her and so could Liam. She could be holding Liam right now. She swore she could feel her milk come down just then. There was an ache inside she wanted to go numb and yet it was excited to get out and be open to the world. Only it would not do.

Amy looked up and saw Leia staring at her at the edge of the couch. Newt wasn't coming back. He was off with Liam, upstairs.


Cait said...

This was so sweet and endearing..and very sad, but not in the way where you have to be sappy sad. These feelings of Amy's what she wanted and can not have. Very bittersweet & I loved the whole brushing of the hair thing, too.

autumn said...

Aww. I missed Leia. She's still so sweet. And Amy is fine. Whew. :D

Anonymous said...

I agree with Cait, it was bittersweet.

e.l. said...

OMG..you know i'm so in love with Newt's character. This was just umm..well, Amy and all her insecurities coming to a head. If only she can find her real self.

sid and violet said...

It was such a sad sweet moment..you know..like you know Newt will never get back with Amy..and you know she wants him so bad..and even Liam. Man.

Maxxie n Tony said...

I'm really feel'n for Newt, you know.

past the point said...

You know how I feel about it. Really great.

Meg said...

Seems really sad!