getting packed

"Well, of course, we can't do this!" Josh winced. "Who does he think we are?" He didn't like the sound of Sebastian going back to Hollyoaks with them.

"Its not like we could get arrested. Louie says he wants to surprise his brother, Louie doesn't like the idea of him going alone." Simon said about the matter as he packed.

"How old is he?" Josh wanted to know as she packed Leia's new French doll very carefully with his things.

"15." Simon said. "Or he will be."

"Its just for a visit. How long could he stay?" Josh questioned.

"Not with us. He's going to his brother's." Simon reminded him.

"All right. I don't care." Josh just wanted to go home. "I've had enough of Paris to last me, well, a very long time. Seriously, I couldn't spend those late nights every night, you know."

"Good, I wouldn't expect you too." Simon zipped up the suit cases. "Now we have to pick up Sebastian. He's meeting us in the lobby."

"Thank God, don't know if I could see Louie and Franco again. We'd be drunk. How lovely would that be on the flight home?" Josh sighed.

"Seriously, I don't think it would be that bad." Simon just smiled.

Rhys and the baby


Cait said...

I think they are ready to get home.

e.l. said...

hahaha..about getting drunk before flying home. That simon..who would have thunk it???

blue hearts said...

I'm glad they are going home. ..& Sebastian is coming too.

past the point said...

I wonder if they really know how old he is????

Anonymous said...

Good that they are going home.

Utopia said...

and i have no idea what this post is about. ;-)