here we are now

Gemma was keeping to herself. Really, she didn't know anyone here. She had left this village ages, ago. It seemed. She did feel all alone, but she was used to it. She hadn't made friends at school. A loner of sorts. And yet she had a way of meeting up with people. This party. That dance.

She was familiar with Colin. Although, she hadn't admit it. She did know what he was capable of. She assumed Kelsy knew too. One more thing she couldn't bring up. Gemma had found her a corner finally to get away from everything down at the club.

Honestly, she'd been blown away from the band at the start. She'd acted as silly as any adolescent here. And now that it had ended, she didn't know what to do with herself. Of course, a couple had asked if she'd like to go to the river with them, but she said she had plans.

She had to drive a damn bus now. Really, she was scared shitless about it. That was then she decided the band would have to find her. Perhaps they'd put off going. Yeah, it was thick in her head to relax. Not think of the matter, but then Lauren found her.

"Where have you been?" Lauren kept her sassy tone with Gemma who didn't like it much.

"Right here?" Gemma gave her a hurt look that Lauren might think she was chickening out on this job.

"Well? Its time to go." Lauren hugged herself.

"Just now?" Gemma winced.

"Come on, we want to get on the road. Besides, I don't think you've met everyone properly in the band. Evidently." Lauren grabbed her hand as if they would be friends. "You do have the key, don't you?"

"Yeah," Gemma nodded.

"And you're ready?" Lauren looked back at her.

"Of course," Gemma let a sly smile slip. Why did she feel she was falling into something that was about to take her far away from Hollyoaks?


Anonymous said...

Oh do I sense drama? Haha, also I wanted to say that I started Margot at the Wedding, it's very good. I agree about what you said too.

e.l. said...

Gemma seems just a little be ..well, quite quirky.

Meg said...

I definately feel like something big is going to happen.

sid and violet said...

Lets hope Gemma hasn't bit off more she can chew.

Cait said...

gemmagemmagemma..she's something.