if I can't

"All right, we got a name, we got the songs down," Ian sighed. "Let's do it." He'd been messing with some electronic music the last few days, and Alfie thought it would fit in perfectly with the base line. So Ian got it started and the beat pulsed through club. The strobe lights glistened and it got everyone in the mood for more.

"If I can't ....If I can't...If I can't have you..... don't understand what to do..." He sang.

He hoped this worked. This was the club. They needed club music. Mount Sims had been inspiration to create his own stuff that they'd start into once they opened with this one. Hopefully, the kiddies would approve. After all they were the majority here.

He felt confident enough as he looked over to Lauren who was putting her femine spin on the song too. Naturally, Fletch was playing right along. He loved the fact that they got along. He hadn't felt this good about their music in some time.

And then he saw her in the crowd. A blond. He couldn't take his eyes off her. Really, this was rather unusual. He never really looked at the crowd. But there she was, turned on and really into the beat. It almost too his breath away. In fact it startled him. She must have been drunk. She had to be, or was it just the music.

Ian couldn't help but smile. Really, the future was looking brighter than he expected.

Unspeakable-Mount Sims

black sunglasses-Mount Sims

black strobe-abwehr disco

inner strings-black strobe


ellie said...

mount sims...good choice.

past the point said...

I wonder if that blond will make him think of Christina Applegate the way Maxie makes him think of his crush. heeheehee..

dapper kid said...

Aww how wonderful, I wonder who she is!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I'll think I'll look those up.

taffy. said...

hmm... blondie, eh?

ew, that sounded somewhat pedophiliac-ish

elliestories said...

Thanks for the note. Keep going!

Winnie said...

Intrigueing! Hope he meets the blonde in the next installment!