Simon was watching Josh pack, thinking he'd repack everything once Josh said his last goodbyes to his mum and dad before their trip. As it was Simon was on the phone Maxie.

"So its good now?" Simon thought for sure Maxie would take off with Ian the first chance he got, but he was staying put with Katy.

"Yeah." He could hear Maxie's laughter, and he was happy to hear it. "Its great. We've got Tristan now. Couldn't be better."

"No troubles from Colin?" Simon still wasn't sure if he trusted him. "You think Kelsy knows?" He wondered if he should talk to her about the situation.


"But you and Katy are really going to do it this time. Marriage?"

"Well, um, may have to borrow a ring I find in the house, but its what she wants." Maxie told him.

"And you? Any second thoughts about Ian?" Simon hoped he knew what he was getting in to.

"No." He told him. "Look, we plan to do this quick. Right here, you know. In the garden. So by the time you get back, you better be ready for a wedding. I suppose you could pick us up something in Paris if you wish? Just joking." Maxie laughed. "Really, we need'n anything. Just you two at the wedding."

"All right." Simon smiled.

"You and Josh ever think of getting hitched?" Maxie then asked.

"Never talked about it." Simon sighed, thankful that Josh was done with the packing, as he'd left for his parents.

"Never?" Maxie made it sound so final.

Simon just stared at Josh's suitcase. He smiled then thinking what a splendid idea it would be if they got married.


ellie said...

This would be so cool.

Cait said...

I'm glad things are going OK for Maxie and Katy..& yeah, Simon and Josh should think about it...for sure.

dapper kid said...

Woah, Simon and Josh should so go for it!

sid and violet said...

Well, this would be interesting.

past the point said...

They should definitely go for it!

em said...

I'm happy for Maxie and Katy

Winnie said...

Ah I think at a point in every relationship you wonder about marriage (even if it would never happen!) So sweet.