in the mix

Billy couldn't believe the crowd of people at the Black Cat. It was stifling. He hoped they knew what they were doing, making the basement a club. As it were there was an overflow at the bar and Kieron had Ste cleaning tables and washing dishes.

When Billy looked at Ste, it was as if Ste hadn't a clue who he was. He hoped it stayed that way. They could remain strangers, forever as far as he was concerned.

Finally, he saw Newt make his way in. Billy brought him a lager as soon as he got up to the bar.

"You're late, what kept you?" Billy looked at him.

"You know how long I waited on the street, luv? A very long time." Newt told him and that Sasha was not alone with the kids. Rhys was there too.

"A lot of good that is," Billy rolled his eyes at that. "How was it with Ames?"

"Not sure." Newt shrugged. "I stayed out of the way. Let her have her time with Leia."

"That's all?" Billy didn't believe it. "You didn't have it out with her?"

"What would be the point?" Newt just smiled. "I don't exist in her eyes, now do I?"

"You'd be surprised. She probably has it all different in her head. I don't trust her, Newt." Billy had to get back to the orders then. It was nonstop. The next thing Billy knew Newt had on an apron and was serving drinks.

"Watch it, you'll get a pinch, you know," Billy smiled.

"Yeah, if they can find my buttocks. Doubtful in this crowd." Newt smirked.

"Well, keep your tips, at least." Billy advised. It was the least he could do.


e.l. said...

I like that Ste is oblivious to Billy & Newt..and that's cool Newt helped the black cat out.

Anonymous said...

I agree with E.L. it was cool of Newt to do that

elliestories said...

I'm so glad Ste isn't like he used to be.

past the point said...

Newt..I always like him.

taffy. said...

wow, we haven't seen ste in a while!

Meg said...

Newt seems like a cool guy for helping out.