just loads of happiness

"So it was heavenly?" Newt couldn't help but grin that things were on the mend with Alfie and Amy. He was on his cell with him while changing Liam's nappy.

"Quite so. A morning blow job even." Alfie was so frank. "Do you think I'm gay?"

Newt was a little shocked his brother would give him such details, but it was kind of fun, too.

"Probably not, that's what every bloke wants when morning comes." Newt just smiled. "So she's there?"

"Well, we did other stuff," Alfie wanted to explain. "But she went home."

"Really? Probably to get her shit so she can unload it on you." Newt remained optomistic.

"I dunno." Alfie sounded down.

"Stop being negative. She loves your penis. She'll be back." He sounded certain. "But I must warn you, she is the baby machine. Are you using protection?"

"Um, most times."

"Sounds like its got tragic written all over it. Welcome to the club." Newt told him.

"Thanks for popping the bubble for me." Alfie sighed.

"That's how it happened, actually." Newt then told him. "Me and Ames. Bad rubbers. But sometimes, accidents are the best surprises."

"So how is the little one?" Alfie asked of Liam then.

"Quite beautiful, I must say. He's quite exciting, all the noises he makes. He might call me dada yet." Newt laughed.

"I should go." Alfie told him.

"You can pop over anytime you like." Newt told him.

"I'll do that." Alfie promised. Newt kept smiling as he picked up Liam. He'd call Amy if he could, but he didn't want to wreck the situation.

Sasha & Rhys


e.l. said...

That was some conversation. I think they might talk more than the average brothers. Funny.

sid and violet said...

Really, I can't believe he said those things. But it was funny.

Anonymous said...

I hope nothing bad happens, and also I am going to be gone from Tuesday to Friday so ya I won't be able to comment or read your story:( But I will catch up on sunday:)

cait said...

Alfie seems pretty happy.

Ivyoaks said...

totally =D