mind over matter

"What am I suppose to do?" Jamie pointed out to Sasha.

"Dunno, I want you with me, every step of the way." She grimaced. The labor pains were sharp now.

"There is the hospital, you know." He informed her, sitting behind her and rubbing her stomach was the best he could do on the livingroom floor at Josh and Simon's.

"What if I'm not ready?" She was scared as she grabbed his hand, and he felt her body shake in pain.

"Well," he looked up at Rhys and Newt, wondering if they thought him a quack of some sort. "I want you to picture each time a pain over takes you ...that its the best. The best orgasm you ever had. Can you do that?" He whispered in her ear as her teeth nashed. She nodded. The pain was so intense but she smiled slightly as she let out a breath.

"Rhys, you should take over, really." Jamie untangled himself from Sasha and got him in the position to give Sasha as much support as he could.

"You called the medics, didn't you?" Jamie asked Newt then who was staring at Sasha as if he was just waiting for her water to break.


"Good." It looked as if everything was set in motion now.

"Will you go to the hospital with them?" Newt looked at him.

"No, my work is done." He smirked then as he looked back at Sasha who's screams of pains might have been something entirely different, but he'd never tell.


ellie said...

oh, jamie..sasha might never want to have the baby now. hahahaaaa.

past the point said...

jamie is so sexy.

Anonymous said...

Haha thanks. And Jamie? Oh wow:)

fan fic said...

I love how he said..my work is done.

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard Mitchel Musso's cd. Is it good?

Cait said...

Jamie is so amazing. Haaahahahaha..