more than a suggestion

It was on the third day of Louie's party that Simon was a little concerned they'd outstayed their welcome.

"Nonsense." Louie was charming and wanted to take a photo of anything and everything. Especially, Simon who was reading more into it than he was suppose to. He guessed. But must Louie take photos of him and Josh in bed?

"You haven't met my brother, have you?" It sounded like a new phase. What could come next? So much French food to watch Louie's old lover concoct. Franco was quite talented. There was the disco, and well, the nudist day at the pool.

Honestly, Simon needed to get back to reality. Why weren't he and Josh in Belgium getting on a list for some kind for marriage?

"You couldn't get married til November, anyway." Louie just shrugged. After-all, he'd gotten that in motion for them.

Besides, there was that boy who seemed down right bored of everything. Reading in the study. Sebastian reminded him a little of himself. He was quite studious and not at all turned on to any of that around him.

Naturally, Louie spoke to him in French. All Simon could make out was that Louie told him that Simon and Josh were from Hollyoaks. Sebastian seemed quite happy about that. Simon didn't know why.

"He wants to go back with you two." Louie lit a cigarette.

"What for?" Simon winced.

"He likes you." Louie's cigarette wiggled in the corner of his mouth.

"Well, I have a boyfriend. Fiancee?" What was he getting at? Was Sebastian gay? What was Louie offering? "How old is he?"

"Almost 14." Louie smiled.

Simon blinked. How could he explain it to him? He was definitely not interested in his brother. There were laws in place about such underage activities. Did that not matter to Louie?

"He can't go back with us?" Simon winced.

"I can pay." Louie looked at him sleepily, putting his arm on Simon as if he was in debt to him.

"No." Simon wasn't sure what Louie wanted to pay for. "We can't. We must'n." He shook his head.

He motioned for Sebastian to come over and whip out his passport.

Simon stood there staring at Sebastian's full name.

"Sebastian Dean?" Simon winced. "Are you sure?" Louie's name did not end in Dean. "Who are you people?"


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Haha this sounds interesting!

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I wonder about this Sebastian..and his story. I loved Simon's last line.

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I loved that last line!

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Oh my! I like the last line too, it made me laugh.

Cait said...

hahahaa. I wonder about this Sebastian. All this going through Simon's head. Great.

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Ohhhhhh looks like a mystery.

ellie said...

I love Simon..and how he is about situations.

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