a new day in Paris

"Look, you feel fine, me holding your hand?" Simon tugged Josh along. No way was he losing him in this crowd at the museum.

"Yes, why not?" He'd hit a nerve with Josh, evidently.

"Is this all because I didn't want to got to that fancy gay bar with you?" Simon kept the questions coming. "We didn't need to go. Honestly, people who are looking for people only go to those places, you know."

"All right, can we not bring it up," Josh sighed. "We're in a museum." Josh looked around at the vast painting on the wall.

Naturally, there were all sorts of art to stare at. They'd come all this way to look at art they couldn't make heads nor tails out of.

"But you're mad at me," Simon said.

"Am not." Josh winced. He let got of Simon's hand and put his arm around him. "Its just- we do what you want to do."

"What I want to do?" Now Simon was in a huff.

"We should go to the beach."

"But I'm so pale." Simon was against it, immediately. "I'm sensitive to the sun."

"I will put sun screen on you." Josh told him.

"You want to go to a nude beach, don't you?" Simon looked at Josh.

"No." Josh winced. He saw that perturbed look on Simon's face. "No, I don't think you're getting fat."

"I know I am. I read somewhere that fathers sometime gain up to twenty extra pounds during pregnancy."

"Well, you're not pregnant. Kelsy is and you aren't around her that much." Josh told him.

Before they could quabble anymore Simon looked up and saw a rather striking fellow coming toward them. He froze.

The bloke around their age said something in French. Simon had no idea if he was talking to him or Josh. He smiled at the both of them. The Frenchman wasn't alone. There was someone younger with him.

"Louie," he introuduced himself and his little brother. Shook both of their hands. "Um, I'm having a party. Want to come? It'll be great." He had a very sweet smile.

Simon looked at Josh wondering if he'd get them out of this. Of course, Josh said he'd be happy to come to Louie's party.


ellie said...

They are so cute. Now Louie. Oh boy.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what will happen at the party.

fan fic said...

This might be some party to remember.

past the point said...

What could go wrong now. They meet a french guy..cool.

Escapist said...

Thnkx fr visit...

Somethng to keep yuh in mind....

Anonymous said...

Ya that's why I had to focus on Max for awhile because without his encounter with Effy the story couldnt get to the point i needed it at.

Cait said...

That looks like it could be trouble. A party in Paris. Interesting.