not in this world

Amy wondered if she could make it on her with Alfie. Well, it would feel she would be on her own if she were with him.

She just didn't know if she could honestly give up the Marshalls. They were sweet, and to think they were going to adopt her baby, but instead they got her. And she loved all the access she had. She'd never been quite this posh. How could she ever go without them now?

And yet, she knew she was being a little girl about the whole situation. She shouldn't be catered to like this. They never asked a thing of her. She was sure by now they would have sent her away.

But as it was she could play around on her laptop all day. Eat when she wanted. Buy what she wanted. And then there was Alfie to think about. She wanted him to miss her. To keep calling her, but he was busy, evidently.

"I just called you last night," he said when she woke him up.

"Another late night, is it?" She looked at the clock on her lap top it was practically noon.

"Afraid so." he told her. "Every night in fact is long at the club." He went on a good bit how he ended up playing drums for one band, who's drummer was a no show. He did his share of bar-tending, and he'd fixed the floor too.

"When can you come up to the beach?" She wanted him here not there.

"Can't. Dunno when my next day is off. Sorry." Amy wondered if he really meant it.

"I thought you might be back for the weekend, you know." Alfie wondered.

"You miss me that much?" She'd have to think about it.

"Of course, I miss you," he said.

She wanted him to beg, but he was tired.

"If you can't make it, I'll understand." He hung up not long after that. It just made her fume to think he might find another. Amy couldn't have that.

Maxie & Jamie


e.l. said...

I think she's just too much trouble for Alfie, you know.

cait said...

Amy wants everything her way. Not good.

blue hearts said...

I'm not an amy fan...but I like Alfie.

maxxie and tony said...

I hope she starts acting right and well..I kind of feel bad for Alfie.