not now

Alfie couldn't think of a more inconvenient time for Amy to show up at the Black Cat, but there she was grinning like a little school girl as if she were on holiday, solo for the first time.

"I wasn't expecting you until tonight," Alfie said. Only she kissed him, and it felt like Frenching a stranger.

"I wanted to get an early start." She laughed, touching his arms, his hair. It was all a little annoying to him, and he was doing his best not to let it show.

"I guess you'd have time to see-see your sister then."

"Why would I want to see, Sarah?" Amy quickly scowled at that.

"Sarah?" Alfie winced.

"Yes, the lesbo." She gave him a very soured look then.

Something else he didn't know, but it was quickly coming to him that this was what it was boiling down to with Newt and Billy. That's why she was ignoring them completely. Sexual orientation.

"No, I meant your little sister." Alfie smiled. "She adores you, you know."

"I could, but I didn't call." She hugged herself then.

"I'm sure it wouldn't matter." Alfie kept fighting the threat of being nasty or ill toward her. "Look, I really have quite a lot to do before the big night. I wish I could-" He didn't know what he was wishing for, "I could spend some time with you. And - and I do. We need to talk. You could stay at Ian's with me. He'll be off with the band. It would be just the two of us."

"Just the two of us." She sounded pleasant about that. As if it was potential of some kind. But Alfie was determined it would be all talk. Nothing else. If they lasted through that, then he'd have to see how he felt about her then. He guessed.

He kissed her goodbye, and she said she'd be off to see her little sister.

Alfie sighed as he took out his cell to call Newt when she left. "I hope you'll be ready for her. She's on her way."


Anonymous said...

I like Alfie and the fourth to the last paragraph. happy 4th

dapper kid said...

Alfie does seem to have Amy's best interests at heart. But I still don't think she is worth it lol.

sid and violet said...

Hopefully, Amy will face her fears and come clean with everything with Alfie.