one more bump for the road

The show was over and Ian and Fletch were loading up even Lauren was putting in things in the old bus.

"Do you know where our bus driver might be?" Ian asked, looking around. "Really, we needed to be on the road like an hour ago."

Fletch just shrugged.

"Bugger," Ian said under his breath. Cecil said he'd made an effort for an extra just for them, and now whomever was a no show.

"I saw her. She's here," Lauren said.

"Who?" Ian looked at Lauren as if she better tell him what was going on.

"Cecil's cousin, Gemma." She stared at Ian as if she thought he knew.

"Gemma? A cousin?" Ian scowled as if he dreaded the thought of such an individual.

"You've met?" Lauren hugged herself.

"She won't remember me." Ian shrugged.

"What if she does?" Lauren glared at Ian.

"She'll tell me I wasn't worth remembering." Ian's eyes lit. "If I had the keys, I'd drive us right out of here." He slammed the backdoor of the bus hard.

"I'll go find her." Lauren told him.

"You do that, and I hope you have a big pot a coffee waiting for her because I can tell you right now, she can't hold her liquor. She'll be four shades to the wind. I just know it." Ian crossed his arms. This was the last thing he needed. To be the babysitter to the bus driver.


ellie said...

I feel sad for Ian. I hope Gemma won't be as bad as he thinks.

cait said...

I think Ian is great. It sounded so sad though.

Anonymous said...

Aw that was sad.