opening up

Simon hadn't expected dinner to be waiting for them. He guess it would help with inviting Jamie over so suddenly. Who by the way was happy to hear from him and even happier to be invited to dinner.

"You really out did yourself," Simon said.

"Did I?" Newt was happy to see them. Simon introduced him to Sebastian. They shook hands. Billy showed off Liam and of course, Leia was very interested in Sebastian.

"You're cute." She told him. "I think we could be friends."

Sebastian just smiled and talked to her as if he'd like to get to know her too.

"Well, I think its going splendid." Simon told Josh right before Jamie got there.

"Do you think we should have a word with him first?" Josh wasn't so sure if springing Sebastian on him was the best idea in the world.

"If we must," Simon said. Naturally, Josh wanted him to meet Jamie outside.

"Why do I always get to do the dirty work?" Simon looked at him.

"Because you do it so well." Josh went on in to try to keep Leia from owning the whole night with Sebastian.

Simon dreaded to tell him Jamie about Sebastian. But he knew he couldn't do it without hesitation.

"Look, I'm afraid I've set you up for some sort of disaster." Simon told Jamie when he saw him coming toward the brownstone. "I'm not sure you're ready for this."

"Ready for what?" Jamie looked at him puzzled.

"The surprise." Simon sighed.

"I thought you meant dinner. Can't be that bad? Can it?"

"Well, um, we brought back someone from Paris." Simon looked at Jamie hoping he could figure it out on his own.


"And, he says he's your son." Simon looked at him.

"My son?" Jamie just pursed his lips. "That's so strange."

"Isn't it?" Simon nodded.

"Quite." Jamie sighed and then tried to clear up the confusion. "I can't believe Louie would do this." He shook his head. "Louie is his father. Not me." He winced. "Sebastian actually is my brother. Really." Jamie said straight from the heart about the matter, or so Simon thought Jamie was terribly persuasive about the matter.

"What are you going to do?"

"Have dinner with my son, I suppose." Jamie shrugged.

Sebastian's thoughts


e.l. said...

poor Jamie. I guess I wouldn't want to burst Sebastian's bubble..either, but he needs to know.

cait said...

wow..this is intriguing..yet complicated.

Anonymous said...

Cool last part, sounded strange but I liked it.

past the point said...

very interesting how this might play out.