Press repeat

The first time that I saw your face
The first time that you spoke my name
The first time that I heard you say
There's a first time with me everyday
The first time that I felt your touch
The first time I couldn't get enough
-family force 5

Alfie was beginning to think it wouldn't happen. Just couldn't. The show had taken a toll on him. And as it was Amy had slept while he'd gotten the club cleaned up. Honestly, he wasn't sure if he wanted to do this everyday. But he suspected Amy wouldn't be with him everyday, either.

As it was, he could have slept the day through. But when he awoke he was with Amy in Ian's room.

"You didn't start without me, now did you?" He had to wonder because honestly she was making him happy under the covers.

"I was waiting." She smiled so genuinely.

"You were wanting me to sleep through the whole thing, weren't you?" He smirked.

"As if."

It was good to think of her as the first moments he ever remembered of her. Not what he knew. Sometimes, it ruined it to know so much, but he wouldn't think of it as he kissed her and her skin was on top of his. There was a rush. Perhaps automatic. Really, Alfie didn't want to put too much thought in it. Especially, when he felt as if she wanted him. She did and well, it made him certain that she wasn't going anywhere. Really, she wanted to be here.

"You will stay with me, won't you?" He asked afterwards.

"Maybe." She didn't sound certain.

"Well, I'll have to change your mind, now won't I?" He kissed her madly then. She felt so warm as if what she'd started could just go on full throttle, but then he wanted it in a lull too. He wanted this to be for good.


Anonymous said...

Good ending. I want it to be for good too now:) Nice Song.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, when you put it that way I might just just check out Mitchel Musso now..

e.l. said...

I hope it'll work out for them. I hope she'll be good to him.

past the point said...

Amy might be too much like my character Lex..gotta wonder about her.

cait said...

Looks like things are going swell for Amy & Alfie.