remember when

"Um, I don't really trust you," Ian said to Gemma. He was behind the wheel not her. Granted she was a bit sluggish in the school bus seat behind him.

"But its my job," She didn't take kindly to this.

"Yes, but you're full of pills and booze, too." Ian informed her.

"I dunno what you're talking about?" She shrugged.

"Just get some sleep, will you." He winced as he drove on into the hills of darkness. They were very alone now. Fletch and Lauren had taken the back bed to get some sleep.

It was quiet. Gemma felt wide awake though. Really, she was fine. She felt fine.

"It takes a lot to get to me, you know." She assured him.

"Really? How lovely." She heard his cynical tone.

"Believe me." She stood then almost falling on his ear.

"Just sit down," Ian ordered. "Really!"

She laughed softly in his ear. "You can't mean it." Her fingers crawled under the neck of his shirt.
"What are you doing?" He sounded cross.

"Annoying you." She wouldn't give it up. Her tongue was in his ear.

"Yes, well, you are annoying." He edged away.

"What?" Gemma asked. "You don't like girls?"

Ian didn't say anything. He let out a sigh and pushed her hand out of his shirt and kept driving as if she was only a bit of a nuisance. Not a real one.

"Just what I've always wanted. Babysit while at work." He was cold.

"Don't say that." She scowled.

"Its true. Gemma." He said her name. She hadn't expected it. "I'm just the babysitter."

"What are you going on about?" She squinted not really wanting to sit back in her seat.

"I was fourteen. You were thirteen. Really, I thought, isn't this lass too old for a babysitter. But your Mum was so afraid something might hurt you. And you, full of giving me the nookies. I thought I'd be left on the floor dying by the end. You were a very fine hitter. A shame, you missed your calling. Boxing might have paid off."

Gemma eyes opened wide. That's who Ian was? She'd had such a mad crush on him then. All the fixes she'd tried to get them in. And he was always the good lad who never took to any of her devices. Evidently, Ian hadn't changed a bit.


ellie said...

funny, seeing an old crush. hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Yes, but you're full of pills and booze, too. I don't know why exactly but that made me laugh.

past the point said...

hahaaa..she is something.

sid and violet said...

Gemma sounds like trouble. Maybe just what Ian needs.

Cait said...

This was a fun scene.

the oaks said...

I like them together. heheheee.

Meg said...

I wonder if Ian will give in to get this time.