so beneath her

Of course, Gemma didn't tell Ian who she'd done. Really, she didn't want anyone to know. She didn't think Lauren and Fletch had seen her at the party with Monty. Honestly, she hoped no one noticed them together.

He was quite a dud. Well, he looked so boring. A bit disgusting. All geeky and silly. Just the same, he could snog, so well. She wasn't that drunk. And maybe it was having company that had helped the most. She really didn't know why she'd let him. Up close, he didn't look so bad. Although, he grinned quite a bit which put her off. You would have thought she'd been his first. Maybe she was.

She felt good about that thought only she was spinning out of control in her head as she drove on down the road as if she was in charge of something. Well, Monty was quite attentive. She had to be thankful for that. He really loved the snogging, and she couldn't remember the last bloke who'd been in to it, that intensely.

Gemma touched her lips. They were so chapped. Had Ian noticed? Really, she needed some bee's wax. Something to take the edge off. But the sting only reminded her of Monty, she didn't want to think about him.

Well, she was banking on the fact that she'd never see Monty again. She hoped. Really, it would be so pathetic if she did see Monty. And she couldn't help but smile that Ian thought she'd been with Shou. She would have, in a heartbeat, but as it was he was a no show. So aloof. Watching everyone as if searching for someone specific. But who?

And here she'd settled for Monty. Why was it, he was so good in bed? Actually, they'd been in the loo standing up, but she was certain it would have been just as good or better in bed. If only.

No. No, she had to stop thinking about that. He wasn't her type. She didn't want him to be her type. What had happened to her standards of coolness?

Franny's moment


e.l. said...

gemma...oh, she has problems.

fan fic said...

oh..she's something.

Cait said...

I think she might have it bad for Monty. If he's good and sweet to her and well..I like that she likes him ..up close. He can't be all wrong for her.

Anonymous said...

Snog, such a silly word. I like Monty, but it seems she in over analyzing things a little too much.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I could tell, haha. Actually I have seen Just Friends and just rented it again this week.