so that's how it is

It was getting late and the crowd was still thick, and there were so many wanting to dance and get on stage. It was a might frightening to Alfie as he kept an eye out for Amy. He'd about given up on finding her, but he found her sitting on the edge of the stairwell. She looked a bit sleepy to him, or was she just sad?

He brought her a wine cooler hoping it would help. She almost smiled when he gave it to her. He told her they could go to Ian's now if she liked. Amy nodded, and she followed him up the stairs to the pub and then on to the next floor up above where Ian's flat was.

"Not so bad up here. The sound proofing is great." He smiled and finally, it was nice to take a breather from all the noise. But deep down he was tired as they set on the couch. "So what do you think?"

"About what?" She looked at him cautiously.

"You know, the club." Alfie kept staring at her wondering what would be next.

"Its great." She said so generically and then in the next breath she was so serious. "You want to break up with me, now don't you?"

"What?" Alfie shook his head. "No. No, of course not." He sighed then thinking of all the lasses he'd been with. He could count them all on one hand from the last five years, he could hold up three fingers, and Amy was one of those. "I'm no Casanova, you know. I want to get to know you. I don't fall in love that easily."

"Really? It looks it would be easy for you." She stared him in the eye then.

"Well, it isn't." He scowled a bit. "There was a girl I liked very much in school, but she really liked the rich ones, and I was never really rich so I gave it up to the one who I knew the longest and it ended our friendship very quickly. Its complicated. I'm not that good at it."

"Yes, you are." She blurted.

Alfie almost smirked. Perhaps she was talking about something else entirely. "Am I?"

"You know," she seemed tense trying to explain it to him.

"Well, its refreshing to hear." This was news to him. "You mean, I'm good in bed?"

"Well, we weren't in bed." She recalled.

"Right." What had he started? "We were on the beach."

"It was before the intercourse, actually." She gave him a quick smile, but it fell.

"Oh." He felt a flem ball on the horizon. He wanted to choke it down, but he had to clear his throat. "So, so maybe its a good time to tell me-"

"What that I lost my virginity in the bushes?" She squinted. "He didn't remember. And god knows, his reaction when he found out I was pregnant." She swelled up with a frown. "Then when I thought I'd found true love, he turned out to be a world class puff. I'm beginning to think they might all be puffs." She frowned more. "I was in a terrible relationship with Ste. So abusive. I was almost a goner."

"But what about my brother?" Alfie looked at her then. As if really he was the only one who counted.

"It was nothing." She said coldly. "I was just doing him a favor. Really, it was an accident. That's all it ever was."

"And you're making him pay for it?" Alfie squinted.

"Why not." She sounded indifferent.

"I guess he got what was coming to him." Alfie bluntly put in words what she was saying.

"I guess." She sounded heartless. "He doesn't love me. And, and I can't-I can't-" She was in tears then. "I can't bare to even think of that child now."

"It ended that badly?" Alfie winced. It pained him to think she'd give Liam up so easily.

"Yes," she could hardly say over the tears. "I don't want to be hurt again. I don't."

"You won't." Alfie promised, yet he felt he was promising someone else. Not just Amy. Maybe it was Liam.


ellie said...

Poor Amy. I still wouldn't trust her though.

Anonymous said...

Aw, I feel so bad for her now.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to see Margot at the Wedding, I hope you can find a place to fit Zane in. Do you know if he has been in any other movies?

Cait said...

I like that she was honest for the most part. I hope it'll work. Maybe.

Anonymous said...

Haha thanks for the info, I'll check it out soon.

Winnie said...

She's strange, she can sound so heartless but then be in tears the next. I don't know what to make of her.