start and stop

"You didn't! Did you!" Newt walked away from Billy when he first mentioned he'd introduced Alfie to Micaela.

"What's wrong with that? She can't be that horrible." Billy winced following Newt who always tended to Liam. Not that Billy was jealous or anything, but the baby was happy as could be in his crib, looking at the mobile, and Newt picked him up for no reason.

"But she is. Not Micaela. Not a McQueen." Newt shook his head.

"Why is your heart set on him making a go of it with Amy?" Billy didn't see any need for it. "Let him find love on his own, for fuck's sake." Billy scowled then.

"Watch your language around the children." Newt winced.

"As if fuck is going to be his first word." Billy rolled his eyes at that.

"You don't think he's interested do you?" Newt was back to being worried about Alfie. He looked at Billy as he held Liam close.

"How would I know." Billy shrugged. He was hungry for dinner and there wasn't any and Simon and Josh were to be home any moment.

"It doesn't take much for her to be all over him." Newt gave him a disgusting look. "They're probably doing it, right now as we speak."

"I doubt it." Billy squinted. "Give your brother more credit than that. He could pull any lass he wanted."

Newt handed Billy the baby, and he went to get started with dinner.

For a moment, Billy wanted to put Liam back in his crib and have his way with Newt for only a few minutes. But as it was Newt was giving him the silent treatment.

"What do you want me to do? Call Alfie, tell him to stay as far as he can from the McQueens!" Billy yelled down the stairs to Newt.

"It might be a start!" Newt yelled back. He put the meatloaf in the oven then.

Jamie thinks about Louie


elliestories said...

Oh..no one likes the Macqueens.

past the point said...

Newt and Billy in a spat..hope they make up.

fan fic said...

this was kind of funny ..those two in a spat over Michala seeing Alfie.

e.l. said...

Of all things to get in a tiff about. Well, Newt is looking out for Alfie.

Cait said...

those boys can be funny, sometimes..

Winnie said...

It's sweet what with the biys looking after the baby.