what privilege

Gemma was so bored. Here she was with her cousin and she hated it. She knew Kelsy couldn't stand to be around her. Had they ever talked? Ever.

She got the feeling nobody wanted her around, anymore. Her mother remarried and she was no longer the apple of her mother's eye. She guessed that's the way it went. Well, her mother had been upset with her for a while now.

Gemma knew she was adopted, but her mother wouldn't admit it. That's what it all boiled down too. Gemma had just become very good at not caring about anything anymore. And she wasn't going to until her mother explained a few things to her.

So here she was eating Kelsy's fresh strawberries that Simon had just brought.

"I thought you said he was genius," Gemma said giving Kelsy a perturbed look.

"He is." Kelsy gave her a perturbed look right back.

"Yeah, right." Gemma squinted. "A puff, through and through. You must have been disgustingly drunk to let him knock you up."

"Shut it, all right." Kelsy was cross with her now. It made Gemma smile. Why was it that she thrived in this sort of thing.

"You got him drunk, didn't you?" Gemma snarled then. "Ugh, how could you, poor little innocent puff like that. God, you really are a piece of work, aren't you?"

"You wouldn't understand," Kelsy said looking away as if it were none of her business.

Gemma didn't really want to.

"Look, I won't be here long." Gemma spoke coldly. "I'll be out of every-one's hair. You'll see." She snatched a bottle of wine for herself that was on a shelf in the livingroom, ready for special occasions. Probably something her great Aunts had left behind.

Kelsy ignored her then. Gemma was fine with that. Really all she needed was a good book and a bottle of wine. She supposed Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice would do.


Anonymous said...

yay i love to hear from Gemma.

Cait said...

Gemma does have an issue there that's really bothering her. Oh..I like her arguement with Kelsy.

fan fic said...

poor gemma..i like her.

e.l. said...

Oh, Gemma & Kelsy..a perfect pair to squabble.

past the point said...

Hmmmmm...Gemma might have met her match with Kelsy.

Winnie said...

Your cake that you made sounds so lovely! I'm inspired!

Also...hope her mother actually talks about the adoption soon!