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"Well, of course, I did him." Gemma admitted and Ian knew that much was true.

"Of course, you would." He didn't want to think about her with Shou. "So it was a great time, then?"

Ian acted as if he didn't care while she got ready to drive the bus to their next destination.

"See, you, had some fun. Real fun. Finally." He just wanted her to keep her eye on the road. "And you feel up to the drive, then?"

"Yeah." She smiled as if she knew exactly what she was doing even though she almost ran over a dog on the way out of the wet roads of the festival toward the main road. It had ended on a dismal note. A good misty mess in the air. Just enough to keep the wipers humming slightly.

Ian figured he'd never lay eyes on Shou again. It was just as well. He promised himself. Even so there was a pang in his heart, wishing he'd been at that party. But it might have hurt worse knowing Shou found Gemma to be the one, and not him.

Ian laid across the bus seat nursing his mug of coffee, trying to think that his moments with Shou were to be savored just as much, even if they hadn't kissed. It could be a good friendship. He would have to accept that.

Then his cell rang. It was Shou. Ian hadn't expected it.

"Hey, I missed you last night. You should have came out."

"Sorry, just couldn't." He looked at Gemma then. "It must have been an all nighter, aye."

"I guess. It was just a party." Shou told him. "You'll be at the Daisy's Fields, won't you?"

"Yeah, its our next stop. Haven't played there before."

"Nothing fancy." Shou sounded like an old timer at this sort of thing. "I'll see you there. Promise?"

"Yeah, of course." Ian was playing it casual. Of course, he just didn't know how he would do it. Afterall, Shou was seeing Gemma. This hurt so bad. He felt a chill come over him.

"I like talking to you," Shou said.

"Its good to talk with you." Ian felt as if his heart might be defective. He could hardly stand these feelings stirring inside him. Why was Shou doing this to him?

"Then you don't mind if I keep you on the cell for a while," Shou laughed. "I hope you're charged up."

Ian sighed. He guess he could make the most of it. After all, he wasn't driving. Gemma was.

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natalie said...

Hey, thanks for the comment!
I have no idea what's going on in the story, but it does look very interesting :) Hopefully Gemma's driving doesn't get any worse!

nycrun said...

very cool

maxxie n tony said...

Gemma's just a little mean there..leaving Ian in the dark. We know who's really interested in Ian.

cait said...

I loved how it started.

e.l. said...

this was a fun start..glad Ian is talking to Shou