almost there

"Newt! You're going!" Billy wanted him to snap out of it already. He'd found him a nice suit for the wedding. All he needed was help with the black tie.

"We shall have a blast. You'll see. Lots to drink and eat, and what a party. There will be dancing. when's the last time we danced, aye?" Billy went on an on while Newt stood there like a zombie while he dressed him.

"You have to stop thinking of the glass half empty, you know that, don't you?" Billy tugged the white shirt around him as he buttoned it up. "Liam is fine. You know where he is, who he's with. You have to remember these are good things to know. And you, dear sir, have to make the most of the moments. You know that, don't you?"

Billy looked him in the eye as he had his tie tightened on now. All he needed were his pants on.

"All right, I get it." Newt finally made an effort after Billy had his jacket on and to get his pants on his own.

"You have to start that class if you want to get on into nursing. Now it the time to do it." Billy sighed. "You remember what you've started out to do this year, now don't you?"

Newt nodded.

"So come on, its a time to celebrate, we'll probably see Alfie and Amy there. We are family, after all. A bit weird, but still family." Billy watched Newt get on his Converse sneakers. No way was he dressing up completely for this affair.

such bliss


Anonymous said...

Haha Newt is so cool.

ellie said...

At least let the guy wear comfy shoes..hehehee..

cass and cady said...

come on Newt! Snap out of it!

aiLee920 said...

thanks for the compliment...
care to ex link?

Cait said...

I like the new header!