are we having fun yet

Amy was glad Kelsy was there. Kelsy laid into Newt right away while Amy took Liam and hurried to see to him. They were both glad to see each other.

"What are you doing! What are you going to do to him-" and then he knew. Newt squinted hard as he watched and Kelsy put her arm around him.

"He'll be fine. He's just fine." She told him.

Newt just scowled.

"Knowing you, you could be drugged up, on...something," Newt said so bitterly.

"I'm not." Amy bit back with just as big a scowl as he could give her.

"Hush, you two." Kelsy took Newt to the kitchen. "You two have to settle down. You don't want him to have a tramatic childhood, now do you?" She gave Newt a hug and wouldn't stop trying to lay his dark hair down.

Newt rolled his eyes at that. By the looks of it from here he could see his son was very hetero.

"Just don't watch." Kelsy touched his nose.

"I'm not," Newt said, looking back at Amy who was finally letting the calm settle in as Liam latched on to her. She wouldn't be doing anything but holding him for a while.

Just then Alfie walked in. He looked at Amy and Liam.

"Are we good then?" He smiled as if it was all taken care of.

"Hardly." Newt looked at Alfie. "What am I suppose to do now?"

"Well, I have plenty of suggestions on that matter." Kelsy informed him.

Sebastian goes shopping


Cait said...

I'm sure Newt isn't completely OK with this, but still...

e.l. said...

hahaha..about the hetero line.

Jared said...

Love huh? The hetero line... Haha!

I haven't read that book. I hardly read, I should more, but I just don't bring myself to it.

Wow, I like that. Good way to accomplish that twist. Interesting.

Yeah, I'm thinking about twisting it differently or keeping to the bus scene. I'm unsure though.

simon n josh said...

Buses are good. They go places. I like scenes on buses. Just keep writing.

I'm glad you like the line..well, Newt had to be a little hetero himself or he wouldn't have Liam. I've heard so many story how men get so jeolous during 'breast feeding' days..& I guess I thought, well, this could be quite a stress on this kind of relationship too. Why not?