before sleep sets in

Alfie was surprised to see Amy all alone at the dance. The food was done and pretty much everyone was on their own when it came to the booze. There were a few in a singing match which sounded more like a shouting match at times, but at least a fight hadn't broke out with the old timers. The kiddies were inside watching a video now and couples were dancing to the slow tunes from the stereo that played.

It was really quaint out with the twinkling lights about that were no more than clear Christmas lights hung through the trees. There was something cozy about the place.

"Have you saved a dance for me?" He smiled.

"I suppose," she sighed.

"I promise I won't step on your toes." He took her hand then and held her close on the dance floor.

"Will we be alone tonight?" Alfie asked. Amy nodded. Alfie sighed then as if he liked the idea. Really, this baby stuff was taking a toll on him. He'd ended up getting take away the whole time Leia and Liam were over. It was just so time consuming. How did Newt do it?

He knew he could get used to it, but it would take a while. Really, he cherrished this right now, more than he thought he ever would. Alfie definitely knew he wanted to make the most of his time when he was alone with Amy now. He smiled at himself as if it was a good feeling to have. To appreciate it more than he thought possible.

Randy & Sebastian


dapper kid said...

I really do think it's time for Alfie to just enjoy himself and appreciate what he has :)

e.l. said...

Glad they have some time alone.

cass and cady said...

I hope they stay happy.