a bit miffed

Newt banged on Alfie's door. It was late. Too late in fact. He had no idea he'd have to come over to get the kids.

"What happened?" He wanted to know as soon as he got there. Billy was with him.

"Nothing." Alfie shook his head. "Liam went to sleep and..and I just didn't want to disturb him. I'm sorry I didn't call."

"Well, where is he?" Newt didn't see him, anywhere.

"I'll get him." Alfie went to the bedroom then shutting the door behind him. Leia was already asleep on the couch. Billy went to get her things and picked her up.

Newt looked at Billy. "I dunno what's going on."

Alfie brought him Liam who was sleeping so peacefully.

"What did you do to him? Drug him?" Newt hadn't seen him this lethargic. Maybe he was sick.

"No, no it was just a long day. That's all. You know, I thought you might have a lot of catching up to do, and we took in the museum and the zoo. I'm sorry I didn't call. I should have. I would have brought them to you early in the morning. Really." Alfie nodded.

Newt just nodded, looking at Liam so restful. It was odd. It wasn't that Liam was constantly restless, but still he hadn't thought Alfie to have such a calming effect on him.

They said goodbye to him then and took the kiddies home and Newt put Liam to bed who hadn't budge.

"I swear he's like a changeling of some sort." Newt whispered to Billy.

"Its just your imagination." Billy smiled and put his arm around Newt. "Let him sleep, will you?" Billy coaxed him back to bed. Newt guessed it was his imagination, but there was just something different about Liam.

Anita over the edge


ellie said...

Newt really does know Liam. I'm glad he notices.

Cait said...

That would be kind of scary for him. I know he cares and loves Liam so much.

taffy. said...

it was amy!

Meg said...

Newt really does care about Liam!