a bitter pill

"It isn't so bad, now is it?" Alfie had carried Liam most of the day. He cried otherwise. Perhaps it was the notion that Amy was around or a reminder of who he wanted the most. Newt.

"He's quite spoiled." Amy was a bit indifferent. She'd been rather sweet with Leia at the zoo. They'd taken in the children's museum too. They'd done what families do to entertain yet educate. Alfie hoped.

"He's just a baby." They were back at the flat now. And Amy had put the kettle on. Alfie had bought cookie dough, and Leia was making shapes for cookies. Amy had been helping her and some were baking in the oven. "I don't suppose you'd even touch him, would you?"

He was a bit miffed with her. He didn't want to be angry with her, but he couldn't help it. Why was she so scared? Did she really have to be so calloused about Liam. After all, she'd given birth to him.

Was it that she wasn't ready for motherhood or did she just hate Newt that much?

"You have to be proud of the fact that Newt hasn't let him down unlike you." Alfie found himself saying. "Why can't you just-just be interested in him. A little, even."

She scowled at him and got out the cookies that were golden and crisp. She wouldn't let Leia touch the hot tray as she scooped them up and put them on a plate. Amy tended to the kettle after that, making them tea.

Finally, she went to set down on the couch.

"Bring him here, then." She was so bitter about it.

"You're sure?" Alfie was afraid she might drop him or have a fit of some sort.

"Yes." She sounded agitated. Perhaps resentful.

Alfie put Liam in her arms then. He was certain Liam would scream. But he didn't, only she melted into tears. Alfie wasn't sure what was happening.

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e.l. said...

Sounds like Amy is in a melt down.

Cait said...

wooo...I couldn't believe Alfie would let into Amy like that, but that was good.

taffy. said...

amy... this could be good!

taffy. said...
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simon n josh said...

maybe not for everybody, Taffy..but maybe.