a change in the wind

Gemma groaned when she realised who had parked next to them. She immediately went to the back of the bus where Fletch and Lauren were chill'n.

"What's the matter?" Lauren looked up at her who was catching up on a Vampire Kisses book.

"Nothing." She looked as if she might be sick just thinking of Monty.

"Are you sure? You're looking peaky?" Lauren squinted. "Doesn't she, Fletch?" Fletch just shrugged. He was picking a tune on his old guitar.

"Just the bees knees." Gemma faked a smile.

"Really, you could tell us, mate. Honest." Lauren shut her book then.

"Its Ian," Gemma decided to say. "Gone off with that Shou. I don't like it. What if he doesn't come back?"

"You really think he's got it bad for Shou?" Lauren just smiled and nudged Fletch. "I knew it."

"Know what?" Gemma squinted.

"They are rather cute. A fab couple, indeed."

"No, Ian's not a puff." Gemma shook her head.

"Well, he could go either way." Fletch shrugged.

"Yeah, he doesn't know that we know, so hush up about it." Lauren studied Gemma's sad look. "You really thought you'd have a chance with him?"

"No. Of course, not." Gemma chewed at her thumb nail. It hurt a little that Shou might fancy Ian instead of her, but the big thing was to keep away from Monty. Because if she didn't, they'd be banging each other first chance they got.

Sebastian has a moment with Anita


e.l. said...

Gemma and her troubles. How will she avoid Monty?

Anonymous said...

Vampire kisses. I think I read that series. Or maybe just the second book haha. The fab couple made me laugh, just how it sounded don't know why though. Interesting about what Gemma thinks.

sid and violet said...

I hope she sees Monty again..hehehee..

past the point said...

Gemma is on the brink of being Kelsy.

prettyneons said...

I just saw your comment thanks so much,glad you like to read my 'ickle odd posts.
I'm really rather flattered as normally most skip the writing and look at the pics. So * big thanks * once again (:

I've never watched Hollyoaks hmmm perhaps I should? I'm not much into watching TV I have to be in the right mood.
Your post is epic hun! !

happy sunday...
PeAce & BoWs...
prettyneOns X

maxxie n tony said...

I wonder what'll happen when she does see Monty. I like Gemma.

Cait said...

Gemma and her problems. She makes me laugh..I know I shouldn't. But there always has to be a friend like that.