friendly persuasion

Josh was a bit shocked when he heard Jamie speak of Maxie and Katy's nuptials coming up. They were at the library. As it was, Jamie was making a name for himself and the library with all his teas and talks and dining with the old money in the village. Everyone was donating these days. All sorts of grants were happening. And now something personal. A wedding.

"A double one at that," Jamie smiled as if he'd had a part in it. "Franny and Cecil tying the knot in the back garden. I hope you and Simon will come."

"Don't see why not," Josh shrugged.

"Its a bit soon, I suppose, but best get on with it, I say." Jamie nodded who was sitting all so gallant in a suit waiting for his next little meeting with the library board. Everyone wanted to attend his meetings. He just had the enthusiasm that made everyone listen.

"I bet you had a hand in it, didn't you?" Josh joked.

"What do you mean?" Jamie winced as if Josh made him sound possibly evil. "Yes, there was a wedding on the rocks, someone mentioned and well, I made a deal, we got the wedding cake for a fraction of the cost. Maxie just has to finish it up. Colin is fine with the catering. There will be plenty so bring the family."

"I thought Cecil wanted the Black Cat, you know, like Colin and Kelsy." Josh remembered.

"Franny talked him into it."

Josh nodded thinking maybe Jamie had talked Franny into it. He was quite persuasive these days.

"Well, sounds delightful. We always need more weddings in the village." Josh just smiled. Naturally, he doubted he'd ever have own, but at least there was some happiness around. He never saw it at home these days with Newt practically mental over the Amy's breast-feeding frenzy with baby Liam.

Cecil & Franny


Cait said...

Jamie is something. I'm gladd there will be a wedding for all of them.

e.l. said...

I liked Josh's questions to Jamie as if he was on to him...or something.

Anonymous said...

Will you write about this wedding? If so I can't wait!

past the point said...

Jamie's got it all together.

Winnie said...

I'm reading about weddings everywhere. I keep checking my facebook to see that old school friends are getting married. Scary!