a good cry

Billy wasn't sure how he could console Newt. He'd never seen him quite this heartbroken. He hated to see him this way.

"I just wish I knew what to do," Billy said to Simon as they were cutting up vegetables for a stew. It was hot out, but with Newt all misty eyed and practically with the flu, it seemed the right thing to do. Also Billy had to keep occupied or he'd be all over Newt thinking sex would be the answer when he knew that wasn't on Newt's mind. "He won't talk about it, you know."

"Its a shock, can't you see?" Simon cut carrots while Billy cut at an onion hoping it would make him cry and he'd feel as mellow as Newt about the situation with Liam. "Amy ignored him from the get go. She wanted nothing to do with him. And now this. Its not like its for good, you know. Liam will be back. Alfie promised."

"What if she takes off with him?" Billy looked at Simon.

"She won't. She's only doing this I'm sure because of Alfie." Simon put the vegetables in the stew.
"Really?" Billy winced.

"Deep down, Newt wanted Liam to be a part of Amy's life. I don't think he'd want him growing up not knowing she didn't exist, you know. He'll get better." Simon promised

"Who?" Billy looked at him.

"Newt." Simon smiled. "I have faith in him. He really had a lot to take on bringing a baby home from the hospital. Its just a little set back. Things will be back to normal before you know it."

"I guess so." Billy began to sniff then. The onions were doing the trick. Real tears came to his eyes. "He was the best with Leia. Everything I've learned about being a good father, I've learned from him. I just want him to know he's the best." Billy sighed and he cried like a baby then. Simon had to take care of the onions.

Sebastian finds out


ellie said...

Its good to see Billy sentimental.

Anonymous said...

Funny about wishing he could have the onion make him cry:)

simon n josh said...

I don't really see Billy as sensitive as Newt. When I think of the show and the one time you see Billy and how he reacted to Amy when she told him she was going to have his baby...he was so..."I don't know you." He was so cruel so I see him as someone always saying. 'Just get over it already.'

Cait said...

Aw, I'm glad Billy cares about Newt.