hearts on fire

"Don't eat peanuts," Kelsy informed Amy as she handed her over a list of foods she should avoid and what she should be eating. "It could cause a food allergy."

Amy just nodded.

Kelsy handed over the box with the electric breast pump.

"Sexy, isn't it?" She joked. "Cost a fortune too. Might as well get some use out of it."

Kelsy looked at Amy as if she might be in pain.

"So how was it?" Kelsy wanted to know. She could hardly wait for it to happen after the birth of her child.

"What?" Amy squinted.

"You know, the nursing."

"Excruciating." Amy squinted.

"Well, don't look like its the worst thing in the world." Kelsy didn't want to hear that.

"All right, it can be so bloody brilliant and you feel a bit naughty that it was so good. Like an orgasm of some kind. And you feel like what you were put here on earth to do. And then you realise it hurts like hell when-when he bites. But I really wish he were here right now because I swear I feel like I'm loaded down with two bags of sharp rocks inside my breasts. Its killing me." Amy was in tears. "I hate myself for doing this. I know Newt will be furious with me. I didn't mean for it to happen. But Liam was crying and I couldn't help it. I just couldn't."

"Its part of nature," Kelsy said. "How can he deny you that, luv?"

"Newt hates me." Amy frowned.

Kelsy went to set the pump up in Amy and Alfie's bedroom then.

"I guess you'll be staying, aye? Your days are over at the beach, I take it?" Kelsy wondered.

Amy nodded.

"We'll you needing a crib, you think?"

"I dunno." Amy shook her head. "I can't think of Newt letting Liam stay. I just couldn't ask it."

"Well, I'm sure Liam's got plenty of catching up to do. He'll need you now, now won't he?" Kelsy was sure of it. "I'll bring you one down. Just in case. All right."

Amy nodded.

Just then there was a knock on the door. Kelsy could hear a crying baby in the hallway.

Jamie and Maxie


e.l. said...

I love Kelsy. Amy needs a girlfriend to confide in.

maxxie and tony said...

cool about Kelsy being the authority on this when she hasn't actually done it. hahahaaa.

Anonymous said...

Oh a cliffhanger. Thanks for the comment, it cleared things up.

Winnie said...

Baby??! Oooh.

blue hearts said...

I liked Amy's little speech about breast feeding.

Sydney said...

kelsy = big dog.

Sydney said...

kelsy = big dog.