in need

Amy thought she might fall apart right then. Liam felt so right in her arms. Perhaps too much. How many months had it been? It felt as if she might be a volcano of some kind about to spill over. What was happening? What did they call it? A mother's instinct.

Her face was wet with tears. It was as if she was allergic to him. Perhaps.

This was not suppose to be happening. She was lactating. For God's sake. It had happened now and again. When she thought of him and Newt. She was very good about not thinking of them anymore. She was suppose to take pills to keep this from happening, but she didn't like the after effects. Of course, she wouldn't know, she never took them.

It was complicated. It was strange and yet so beautiful. And so uncontrollable. Her heart was aching now, and she couldn't stop it.

At least Alfie went to tend to Leia. See if she was OK with the cookie dough she couldn't keep her hands out of. Amy hated the thought of it, but it was the only way to release some of the pressure she felt waiting to escape her without it feeling of stones weighing her down. She let Liam latch on to her right breast.


Alfie got the tea on a plate with a few cookies for Amy. He was sure she would be ready for Liam to be with him now. As he walked into the living-room with the plate he almost spilled it.

"What are you doing? Amy?" He was more shocked than anything. As if he'd dropped in on an intimate moment.

"I can't help it." Her voice was so breathy. Tears still dripping down her face. Alfie couldn't help but stare.

"What am I suppose to do? What do I say?" He shook his head as if he knew this was going to be trouble.

What would Newt think? This was very wrong. Or was it? It was quite natural. Did he tell her to stop. "Are you all right?"

She nodded.

Alfie couldn't help but smile. Really, maybe it was turning itself around. Maybe Amy would be the mother she should be, but he wasn't sure what Newt would think.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty Picture. Haha. Amy is turning around.

ellie said...

That would have been a shocker to him..I'm sure. Yet..so much a Mom..after all.

past the point said...

oh..just priceless..just priceless, for sure.

♥ Cara Mia ♥ said...

thanks for droppin' by my blog. lots of stuff you guys have going on here......so when's the pilot? :)

simon n josh said...

as if that would ever happen. only in my dreams..I'm afraid.

e.l. said...

at least this way, you can have anyone you want starring in it..right?

Meg said...

I hope everything works out for Amy!

Cait said...

wow..that was a shocker.

taffy. said...