into the wedding

Really, it didn't matter if they were a late arrival or not to the garden wedding. It was so festive, you would have never known if you'd missed a thing. Josh took it in stride. Simon was a little hesitant, but before you knew it, Katy and Maxie as well as Cecil and Franny had said their "I do's."

"Honestly, I can't believe it happened," Simon whispered to Josh. "Who do we know around these parts who are married?"

"Um, those guys and lets not forget my brother and Sash too." Josh smiled.

"Pitty, Sash didn't have a real wedding, you know." Simon started in then.

"Well, maybe you could give her a baby shower." Josh looked at him as if he could do it if he wanted.

"Why is it, you always believe I have to be involved?"

"Because you bring it up, luv," Josh whispered in Simon's ear. "A baby shower would be lovely. Doubtful, we'll have a party like last time."

Simon rolled his eyes at that. Next they looked over to see Kelsey waving at them. Josh put his arm around Simon and waved back.

"See, we're civil grownups now, not commiting adultry." Josh said beneath his breath as he was cheek to cheek to Simon.

"Don't remind me," Simon gritted back. "We'll have a lovely time."

Josh looked behind him and saw Billy with his arm wrapped around Newt who looked as if he was heavily sedated and just let out of the ward.

"Oh, dear, I dunno about Newt, old boy, he just can't snap out of it, can he?" Josh shook his head.
"Weddings can be such amazing occasions. Life changing, even." Simon smiled.

"I could do with a good stiff drink, actually." Josh told Simon.

"Not, too many." Simon shook his head.

"Its a party."

"And I plan on going home with you, you know." Simon reminded him, tugging on Josh not to be first in line for the keg of ale.

"Of course, I will behave. I promise." Josh just grinned and went to get drinks.

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ellie said...

Love the new header. Oh, sounds like it might be a party for sure.

Anonymous said...

Like the header :) I like this post about the wedding, just feels so...I'm not sure how to describe it.

cass and cady said...

I wonder what kind of problems they could possibly get into now.

simon n josh said...

Thanks so much for the comment.

Hmmm..I wonder whats up with R (I'm so not good with spelling) Looking like it might be quite a race there.

Cait said...

Luv'n the header. Hope they won't find trouble like they did on new years.