just for tonight

Gemma wished she could have thought of something to camouflage Monty, somehow. Make him new and improved. Except he was geeky as he ever way as they arrived at Kelsy's door together.

"I'm home," Gemma said as soon Kelsy let them in.

"Well, isn't that delightful." She took one look at Monty and smiled so brightly at him as she looked back at Gemma. "So this is what you've been hiding from me."

Monty introduced himself then.

"He's in a band." Gemma thought that had to count for something.

"Is he any good?" Kelsy showed them to the livingroom.

"Very," Gemma winced. "He's Shou's better half. Their drummer never showed. It wasn't a problem. He had the equipment, you know."

"Equipment?" Kelsy giggled and Monty giggled too. It was as if they were already two peas in a pod.

"Yes." Gemma swelled almost a scowl. She supposed she knew what they were both thinking and it had nothing to do with music. "I hate to impose, but can we stay the night."

"Stay as long as you like, sis," Kelsy said so sweetly. Gemma barely recognized her cousin now. Calling her sis instead of cuz now, what had happened?

"That won't be necessary. We're sharing a house with Ian and Shou."


"Ian's boyfriend. Fletch and Lauren are moving in to." Gemma told her.

"Sounds like a houseful."

"Its next door to the Oaks." Monty mentioned.

"The Oaks," Kelsy smirked. "Too bad you missed the wedding and the fight."

"The fight?" Gemma squinted.

"Poor Simon got the brunt of it. Really, I'm certain of it now. Josh is envious because he's not a real father. Not like Simon." Kelsy hugged herself.

Gemma just looked at her. Kelsy was definitely her same old self in some ways.

Sebastian's thoughts


e.l. said...

oh..Kelsy, she would have to bug Gemma. heheheee.

past the point said...

I hope Gemma will get used to Monty and won't be so..I dunno..materialistic.

Cait said...

thanks I'm happy Gemma is sticking with Monty.

cass and cady said...

Kelsy is funny.