knock out

When it came time for a toast for the newlyweds everyone gather around to give a piece of advice.

"Will they even remember it," Simon was staggering just a bit. He noticed how chummy Jeremy was getting with Josh. He couldn't have that. So he edged in between them as if Josh had better remember who he had came with.

"They will if you don't ramble on and on as you do," Josh smiled with a drink of brandy and drank it down as if he was rather smart.

"Um, I think you've had enough, luv." Simon reached for it and chucked it behind him.

"Don't be disgusting now," Josh scowled. He wanted another drink.

"No, you've had enough," Simon said.

"I have not had enough." Josh quarreled pushing him away.

Simon pursed his lips, looking around to see if anyone was going to take care of this. Josh grabbed Simon by his jacket then.

"Must you be so damn, square!" Josh looked him in the eye.

"Stop being such arse!" Simon shoved him back. Josh took a swing at him and got Simon in the left eye.

"Shit!" Jamie said pulling Jeremy out of the way before he got hurt.

The next thing Simon knew, Ian stepped in and grabbed Josh before he did anymore damage.

"What are you doing here!" Simon looked at Ian.

"You said there was a party, remember!" Ian said as he grabbed Josh's wrist behind his back. "You neglected to tell me it was such a humdinger." He wrestled Josh to the ground.

Simon's eye squinted in pain. He saw Kelsy coming through with an ice pack. Maybe it really was time to go home.

Jamie & Sebastian


e.l. said...

wow..I didn't think those 2 would get into it.

dapper kid said...

Yikes, I really do hope they take their space and calm off!

cass and cady said...

that's so sad.

Cait said...

What was Josh thinking?