a must

"Howdy, partner!" Ian thought he heard when their bus had come to a stop, and he looked out the window to see Shou's bus parked next to there's.

"Looks like we're neighbors!" He shouted out the window of their bus that was even more beat up than theirs.

Ian couldn't help but smile. This was a nice surprise indeed. Of course, he'd been on his cell the last four hours with Shou who couldn't wait for him to listen to his version of Prince Charming.

Shou was a big Adam Aunt fan. Ian couldn't imagine him in a pirate outfit, but anything was possible with Shou, and not a word about Gemma this whole time. Ian had tried to hint about her, but Shou didn't seem to know what he was talking about.

So Ian bounced down the steps of the bus and met Shou who gave him a handshake and man hug all at once.

"Come on, lets see if they have our T-shirts here to sale." Shou walked with him toward the vendor tents.

"You have T-shirts?" Ian looked at him.

"Don't you?" Shou looked at him as if everyone did.

"We just figured out our name for the band. Actually." Ian told him.

"You should get set up with the place we have ours done." Shou told him he'd get on his laptop and help him with everything.

They finally found Shou's T-shirts. The band's name was Cold Heart. There was a black heart on a pink and white T-shirts with their name printed in Japanese.

"Coolness." Ian wasn't so sure they could turn anything out quite that brilliant with The Underground Kids.

"You must have one." Shou shoved him a white one.


"Then everyone will think you're in my band. Maybe even in love with me." Shou impishly smiled.

"OK." Ian kept smiling not sure how to take that comment.

"You have to come to the party tonight. You have to." Shou stared at him so serious.

"All right." Ian shrugged. He guess he'd have to. There was no way out of it.


dapper kid said...

Oooh I wonder what's going on with them two. Hah and he should totally get a band t-shirt printed up!

ellie said...

I so love Shou. I think he'll be good for Ian. Cool T-shirt.

cait said...

This could be the beginning of somehting.

sid and violet said...

so sexy!