the mysterious sound of it

Simon brought Kelsey her things he'd found for her in Paris.

"Prezzies, oh goody!" She was all smiles to see him. She even gave him a kiss on the cheek which was a bit of a shock to him. Generally, she was moody and couldn't stand to see him.

"I'll remember to bring you presents every-time, if it gets you in such a good mood." He sighed. She'd made him tea and there were treats as if they had lots of catching up to do.

"You know, I'm a sweet heart." She smiled going through her treasures.

There was perfume and soaps. Her favorite. And some things for the baby. A little blue suit and a yellow baby blanket, as well.

"You out did yourself." She told him.

"I tried." He nodded. Then he told her about meeting Louie and how Sebastian came home with them.

"Is he really Jamie's son?" Kelsy was quite intrigued. She poured Simon more tea hoping he'd spill the truth about him.

"You best ask Jamie about that," Simon said.

"Poor little thing. He's a sweetie. I suppose Jamie will do him right." Kelsy nodded.

"Jamie got himself an important job at the library," Simon said. "Don't know how he did it, but he's now the assistant to the director."

"Never underestimate him." Kelsy just grinned.

"Really?" Simon looked at her as if he hadn't a clue what she was going on about.

"If I told you something, I'm sure you won't believe it til it happens," Kelsy said. "Jamie is the only one who can find it true. The doctors seem to let it go undetected. But I have a second child on the way, as well."

"A second?" Simon squinted thinking they'd been through this. It couldn't be true.

"See, I knew you wouldn't believe me." She looked at him seriously. "Its a girl. Jamie said so."

"How does he know?" Simon hugged himself.

"He has powers." She nodded, sipping her tea.

"Powers? Like some one of the dark arts?"

She nodded.

"Just how dark does he like his arts?" Simon wanted to know.

"He isn't out to hurt anyone. He's very sensitive, you know. He would always do the right thing because that's the sort of warlock he is." She told him.

"Warlock?" Was she talking crazy now? Next thing she'd be talking about were UFOs and and aliens, he supposed.

"Don't make it sound so silly." Kelsy was quite serious.

"I'm not." Simon squinted. It was just a bit more than he wished to digest. Was her pregnancy making her a loon?

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Meg said...

I definately don't blame Simon for not believing her! I probably wouldn't either!

e.l. said...

how dark does he like his dark arts! I liked that line. I'm glad Kelsy and him are still friends.

Winnie said...

Haha, pregnancy is a strange thing!

blue hearts said...

I don't think Simon would ever think of Jamie as a warlock.

taffy. said...

hahaha, oh kelsy.