on the horizon

Amy got there late to the festivities. Alfie was helping out with the food and drink. It took more time than she imagine to get Leia and her baby brother ready. It was quite a struggle, but she managed because Leia was so helpful.

"Now, promise you'll be good." She could only hold Leia's hand for so long when they got there.

"I want my Daddy!" Leia tugged at Amy, all dressed in black as if she were ready for a funeral.

"All right." Amy scowled of the thought of how much Leia loved Billy. Leia took off running and grabbed his legs as if she hadn't seen him in years. Naturally, he picked her up and promised to go dancing with her.

Amy saw Newt who was all out of sorts. It was as if he was in another world. He didn't want to be here. She could see. Amy walked over with Liam to Newt.

"Well?" She just looked at him not knowing what else to say. "I think I've worked out a system. A schedule perhaps. Do you want him tonight?"

"Does he want me?" He looked rather sad as if she'd under-minded this whole ordeal.

"Lets take a go at it, shall we." She tried to smile as she handed him over. Naturally, Liam hadn't forgotten him as he snuggled in Newt's arms.

Newt closed his eyes then as if he had found what he'd been searching for. She knew he loved him very much.

"I've kept him on a bottle, some." She told him. "He's not that picky."

"He didn't want the formula." Newt looked at her.

"I know." She sighed. "But the freezer is filling up with, you know, the milk, and I have enough to tide him over for the next few days. You see, so, he should stay with you."

"I have this orientation to go to at the hospital, mid-week." He told her.

"Really? What for?" She squinted.

"Um, nursing studies." He shrugged.

"You?" She couldn't believe it.

"Possibly." He nodded.

"You'll do great," Amy said. She gave Newt a kiss on the cheek. "Keep in touch, yeah?" She walked away then. A slight smile came to her lips as she put her hands behind her back and turned away from him. Really, she was quite proud of Newt.

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aiLee920 said...

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cass and cady said...

I really feel like Amy still have feelings for Newt. But I'm glad she brought Liam back to him.

e.l. said...

Aw, Newt. She still cares for him.

Cait said...

this was sweet. I actually liked Amy in this one.