one last thing

"I'm not ready to go back to Hollyoaks," Lauren said to Fletch. Shou and Ian had left without them.

"And why is that? All you've been going on about is how much you want to see Sasha's baby." Fletch winced. He'd found the train station. Ian had left them some cash for some tickets.

"Yeah, I know, but once we're there, I'm sure she'll want me taking care of Risa all the time." Lauren told him.

"I highly doubt that." Fletch had them packed now ready for the road.

"Perhaps, I just want to be alone with you." She sneaked a kiss on his cheek then.

"Haven't you spent enough time with me?" Fletch grinned.

"What is that suppose to mean?" Lauren tugged at him. "We were always on that bus, with them, you know. Now its just us. Perhaps we need our own adventure." She smiled so close to him.

"We might be back packing our way home. If that's what this is about?" Fletch shrugged.

"Come on, a few days in London is all I'm asking." She told him.

"None of that fancy stuff." Fletch reminded her they were on perhaps a band-aid budget.

"Of course," her lashes fluttered. He hugged her tight. Lauren hoped she could find Laleh, just this once, for old times sake. What was she really doing in London?

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Cait said...

Yeah! a lauren & fletch update.

fan fic said...

I think lauren needs closure with laleh.

cass and cady said...

I want them to stay together. I don't like Laleh.

e.l. said...

I hadn't thought of Laleh in ages.

Winnie said...

Well I hope the trip proves to be everything they hoped it would be...