a rotten time

Newt felt so drained. He could hardly move from bed. He laid there sulking. His throat ached. What if he was dying? What if they never let him have Liam back? He sighed then, thinking Alfie had what he wanted. A perfect little family.

It made him dizzy thinking about how he'd longed for Amy to want to be a part of Liam's life. What had he been asking for? This was agony.

Naturally, Billy came up with some stew and biscuits.

"You'll feel better once you eat." Billy told him.

"No, I won't. I won't feel better until I have Liam with me." Newt scowled.

"Well, we can't very well have Amy here, now can we?" Billy said.

"It is her parents' home," Newt reminded him.

"I know, but honestly, there is no room. Then we'd have to have Alfie with her. Really, its for the best. You know that." Billy nodded, nudging him on to eat something.

"No, I don't know that. It really might be the answer to all our problems if they were here." Newt shook his head. Finally he took the dinner in bed.

"She has the pump. Soon enough, she'll be giving us bottles of milk."

"By then the only nipple Liam will know are her breasts." Newt winced.

"You'll work it out. Some how. She could have him on weekends. Right?"

"I don't like it." Newt grimaced more.

"What? The stew?"

"No, working out weekends with Amy." Newt looked as if he might spew the stew right on Billy. "I don't want to share Liam. It hurts."

"You wanted Alfie to help you with Amy, didn't you?" Billy reminded him. "Well, he has. You have to be happy about that."

Newt just gritted, thinking he'd never be the same again.

Anita looks under the bed


cait said...

I feel bad for newt.

e.l. said...

Billy really needs to be there for Newt.

em said...

I hope things will be alright with them

elliestories said...

Billy has to snap him out of it..somehow.