a tale of woe

Colin was sure Alfie was coming down with something. He looked a bit sick. Usually, he was upbeat and always had a smile. Now he looked worried. As if everything was going down the tubes.

"What is it?" Colin winced who was making sure the morning would be ready for the lunch rush.

"Oh, I dunno." Alfie shivered as if he wasn't sure he should say anything.

"You can tell me, what gives?" Colin did his best to be there for the help. He didn't want to over work anyone, and he was sure Alfie had had some very long nights at the club, especially, since Cecil was spending more time at home these days with Franny and the baby.

"Its peculiar." Alfie flinched.

"How peculiar?"

"Its about Amy." He sighed.

"Trouble with the lass?" Colin shrugged.

"Really, we are fine, its about Liam." Alfie looked at him even lipped as they took a seat at the bar. Colin poured them coffee. He waited for Alfie to stir in some cream.

"Yes, that's Newt's boy." Colin remembered thinking he was a cute infant.

"I'm his uncle," Alfie nodded. "And Amy is his mother."

"And? You're having trouble getting along with Newt?" Colin studied Alfie's fare face.

"No, no we're great. He's great. Its just Amy had not wanted anything to do with Liam, and I dunno what the problem is. But there is a problem now." Alfie squinted.

"A problem?"

"Yes, I brought Leia and Liam over to see Amy. So she could spend the day with them. And-and well, maybe things went better than I expected." Alfie nodded.

"Isn't that good?"

"Amy breast-fed the baby." Alfie suddenly spit out. "Is that sick or what?"

"Well, she is the boy's mother." Colin sighed.

"But its been months, you know. I guess. OK, not that long, but you know what I mean. And, and I didn't tell Newt. And well, Amy's upstairs right now about to burst if she can't feed him again."

"Oh." Colin supposed that would be a problem. "Well, we have a pump." He said so matter of fact as if he'd invented the gadget himself.

"A pump?" Alfie looked at him funny.

"Electric. Two in fact. Kelsey was going to send one back. It seems her Aunts thought she'd need two. I'll give her ring. She can run it right down to her and maybe help Amy figure the thing out. And then you two can tell Newt what's going on. I suspect Newt will need to know." Colin drank his coffee then while Alfie's cell went off in his pocket.

Anita talks to Thereasa


e.l. said...

It's electric..a whole new meaning..heheheee..

Meg said...

Colin's right. They probably should tell Newt.

taffy. said...

i love how matter of fact colin is!

Anonymous said...

Will you talk about who called Alfie? I am interested to see who it is. I like the electric part:)

Cool about the notebook. I am interested in seeing Taking Woodstock too. And Yeah that is where I live, I took that picture from my deck. But I made it all cool on picnik.com. The picture used to be all foggy and yucky