until then

Ian wished they hadn't came. All this way for a fight. It just didn't seem right.

Shou helped Ian with Josh. They got him in a cab. He'd barely gotten a glimpse of Maxie. Possibly, Maxie didn't even see Ian there. Ian doubted it now. It was probably for the best.

"Where we going to stay tonight?" Shou looked at Ian as if he hadn't thought as far ahead as he thought.

"Can we crash here?" Ian asked Jamie who'd helped along the way and made sure Simon kept the ice on his eye.

"Don't see why not. The place is practically empty." Jamie slyly smiled. The party was winding down now after the fight.

"Does that mean you're in charge?" Ian looked at him.

"I suppose I am." He shrugged as they walked across the front lawn.

"I bought the place next door," Shou said. "A place fore Ian and me."

"You and Ian," Jamie nodded. "Nice." He looked across the yard toward the old Victorian house. It was a bit in a bad way. "Looks like you've got your worked cut out for you."

"Suppose." Ian stared at their new home. The porch looked a bit out of shape and, it definitely needed paint as much as the rest of it in its horried pale pink.

"Shall we take a look?" Shou looked at Ian as if they needed too.

"The electric isn't on, you know." Ian told him. "What's the point? Tomorrow."

"Yes," Shou grinned putthing his arm around Ian. "Tomorrow is another day."

Maxie & Katy


aiLee920 said...

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have a great weekend!

prettyneons said...

Hi Hi, how are you?
Eekk! I've been away and I've missed such brilliant posts over here so I'm having a cupa tea ( and maybe two chco biscuits) and catching up.

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past the point said...

Shou's great. I think he'll make Ian a better person.

ivy's closet said...

I'm glad Ian & Shou showed up at the wedding.

ellie said...

I feel bad for Ian. I'm glad Shou is there for him. Especially, at Maxie's wedding.

cait said...

I'm glad Ian has Shou. I hope this isn't the end for Simon and Josh.